Road Construction Updates
Contractors for the sewer district will need to close Bluff Road at Gentile Street for some sewer main work. The closure should be as follows:
Thursday Oct 23 at 6:00 AM to end of day possibly 10:00 PM
Friday Oct 24 at 6:00 AM to end of day possibly 10:00 PM

Westbound travel on Gentile may continue westbound through the intersection, then detour north on 2000 West to the six-way roundabout.
Eastbound travel on Gentile may continue eastbound on Gentile.
Northbound and southbound at the intersection will be block
2000 West 3400 South (Updated 8/15/17)
2000 West is closed at 3400 South for the construction of a roundabout at that location. This is part of the Stillwater Phase 2 subdivision. The roundabout has curb and is soon to get concrete pavement. Concrete must cure for 28 days to get full strength for vehicle traffic.
Detour to either 3000 West or Bluff Road. Left turns for eastbound traffic at the intersection of Bluff and Gentile is prohibited because it is unsafe. Although it may be
inconvenient, please follow all traffic laws for safe travel. Safety is more important than convenience.

2000 West (1700 South to 2700 South) (updated 8/15/17)
North Davis Sewer District is relining our sewer mains in this area. Traffic movements will be limited. Use caution while traveling in this area. The work will begin in the intersection of Antelope Drive and 2000 West prohibiting southbound traffic at that intersection. Detours will be east and west along Antelope Drive. Northbound traffic will be open. The intersection work will occur on Sunday August 20. The work will progress in sections between manholes, which will limit left turns from 2000 West to the connecting streets. The work will progress in a south direction along 2000 West in the next few weeks following the southbound lane. Lane shifts will occur.

2000 West (SR-108) 300 North to 1700 South (Updated 8/15/17)
Though roadway construction in 2017 will be limited to the area between Heritage Parkway and 300 North, utility companies are on site to relocate their utilities throughout the project area.

Two lanes of through traffic will remain open during daytime hours. However, short term asphalt patching may require some turn lane restrictions in some areas.

Areas Between 470 North and 1275 South  
Rocky Mountain Power, North Davis Sewer District and Century Link will be doing utility work over the next several weeks. Home demolition may take place north of SR-193. Tree removals may also be taking place along the corridor.  Intermittent daytime shoulder closures/turn lane restrictions may occur.

Areas Near the 700 South Intersection 
Night work is scheduled to continue through late-April (9:00 PM - 6:00 AM).  Due to heavy daytime traffic, new utility crossings in and around this intersection must be done at night. Nighttime traffic may be limited to one lane with flaggers. Residents should expect an increase in noise.  Irrigation work at 700 South will be completed by Friday.

For your safety and the safety of those working in the area, please exercise caution, stay alert and be prepared for changing lane configurations. We are committed to a safe project and are constantly on alert. 

Questions?  Please feel free to contact us at 844.200.0937 or 801.336.6977.

2000 West Project Logo

2000 West Project Update - August 03, 2017

Work Activities This Week
- Over the next few weeks, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and landscaping will be placed near the SR-193 intersection and move south to Heritage Parkway.
- Final embankment and drainage are being installed along the SR-193 corridor with plans for the roadway section to begin on August 15th.
- Temporary pavement and striping are scheduled to be placed in areas near the 700 South intersection in mid-August.
- Curb, gutter and sidewalk removal may begin next week on the west side of 2000 West from SR-193 to 300 North intersections. 
- The North Davis Sewer District will be working between Antelope Drive and 1275 South through August.
- West Point City waterline work is scheduled to take place near the areas of the 300 North intersection.
- Utility companies will be working throughout the entire project area between Antelope Drive and 300 North.  

West Point Batch Plant Operations
- The West Point Batch Plant near 75 North and 2000 West in West Point may begin their operations as early as next month and continue through early winter 2017.
- Nearby residents and businesses should expect increased noise, light and vibration associated with construction. 

Traffic Alerts
Intermittent daytime turn lane/shoulder restrictions may occur. Intermittent, two lane traffic configurations may take place along the corridor during utility and road construction activities.

Utility Shutoffs
Utility companies may schedule intermittent shutoffs to accomplish their work.  They will provide advance notice where applicable.    


For your safety and the safety of those working in the area, please exercise caution, stay alert and be prepared.



Hotline: 801.336.6977 -  844.200.0937

Project Background

SR-108, also known as 2000 West, is a very busy north-south highway in Davis County, carrying as many as nearly 18,000 vehicles per day.  With the expected growth in population, homes and jobs, this number is expected to double by 2040.  To address this need, UDOT conducted an environmental study from 2006 to 2008 to evaluate various transportation options.  Through careful analysis and close coordination with the communities, a solution was identified that meets the transportation need while minimizing impacts.


The proposed solution was to widen the roadway to two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane.  In April of 2015, UDOT secured funding for a two-mile segment of the project from SR-127 (Syracuse Road) to 300 North in West Point. UDOT looks forward to this opportunity to serve your communities by providing improved transportation and increased safety for all who travel and live around the SR-108 corridor.