Road Construction Updates
Contractors for the sewer district will need to close Bluff Road at Gentile Street for some sewer main work. The closure should be as follows:
Thursday Oct 23 at 6:00 AM to end of day possibly 10:00 PM
Friday Oct 24 at 6:00 AM to end of day possibly 10:00 PM

Westbound travel on Gentile may continue westbound through the intersection, then detour north on 2000 West to the six-way roundabout.
Eastbound travel on Gentile may continue eastbound on Gentile.
Northbound and southbound at the intersection will be block
Construction work is beginning this week with sewer replacement. Road is closed along 2200 South between Doral Drive and 3400 West. Sewer replacement will continue east along 2200 South.
This project will include replacement of all city infrastructure under the road, as well as the road and sidewalk ramps. This project will continue throughout all of 2018. For email notifications, send an email to

2000 West (SR-108) 300 North to 1700 South (Updated 2/8/18)
Though roadway construction in 2017 will be limited to the area between Heritage Parkway and 300 North, utility companies are on site to relocate their utilities throughout the project area.

Two lanes of through traffic will remain open during daytime hours. However, short term asphalt patching may require some turn lane restrictions in some areas.

Areas Between 470 North and 1275 South  
Rocky Mountain Power, North Davis Sewer District and Century Link will be doing utility work over the next several weeks. Home demolition may take place north of SR-193. Tree removals may also be taking place along the corridor.  Intermittent daytime shoulder closures/turn lane restrictions may occur.

Areas Near the 700 South Intersection 
Night work is scheduled to continue through late-April (9:00 PM - 6:00 AM).  Due to heavy daytime traffic, new utility crossings in and around this intersection must be done at night. Nighttime traffic may be limited to one lane with flaggers. Residents should expect an increase in noise.  Irrigation work at 700 South will be completed by Friday.

For your safety and the safety of those working in the area, please exercise caution, stay alert and be prepared for changing lane configurations. We are committed to a safe project and are constantly on alert. 

Questions?  Please feel free to contact us at 844.200.0937 or 801.336.6977.

2000 West Project Logo

2000 West Project Update - February 08, 2018

2000 W. Work Activities This Week

  • Asphalt milling on the east side of 2000 W. from SR-193 to 300 North will begin Monday, Feb. 12. This work is planned to take about one week to complete, including removal of curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Following the demolition, extensive utility work will be underway in this section for four to five weeks.
  • North Davis Sewer District will be doing utility work in the 300 N. intersection from Feb. 9-11. Be aware of changing traffic patterns due to left and right-hand turn restrictions. Detour routes will be in place during this work.
  • Storm drainage and water installation is ongoing near 1175 S. and is expected to continue through February. 
  • Utility companies continue working throughout the project area between Antelope Drive and 300 North.
  • Intermittent pipe placement and utility work will continue, weather permitting, throughout the winter. Intermittent lane shifts and shoulder closures may occur during these times, so please be aware and watch for signage.
  • Due to winter weather conditions, landscape items such as sod and sprinklers will be placed in early Spring 2018. 

Utility Shutoffs

  • Utility companies may schedule intermittent shutoffs to accomplish their work. They will provide advance notice where applicable.  

Traffic Alerts

  • Continuing through the end of February, crews will be out doing storm drainage and water installation from 1175 S. to Heritage Parkway, on the west side of 2000 W. To accommodate this work, there will be intermittent closures at 1100 S. and 1175 S. Alternate routes include 1275 S. and 700 S.
  • A new traffic pattern is now in place in two locations:
    • 1- 2000 W. from 700 S. to 300 N.
    • 2- SR-193 from 1000 W. to 3000 W.
      • Please watch for signage and traffic cones, and stay alert for your safety as well as the safety of crews out working.
  • No street parking will be available along the east side of 2000 West from Heritage Parkway to 300 North through winter 2018.
  • No parking is allowed within 50 feet of the newly installed HAWK Signal near Syracuse Elementary and Syracuse Jr. High.
  • Intermittent turn lane, shoulder, and median restrictions may occur. 
  • Intermittent lane shifts may occur for utility work and pipe placement through the winter. 

West Point Batch Plant Operations
* The West Point Batch Plant near 75 North and 2000 West in West Point has been shut down for the winter. It is expected to resume operations in mid-March 2018.

For your safety and the safety of those working in the area, please exercise caution, stay alert and be prepared.


Hotline: 801.336.6977 -  844.200.0937