Emergency Water Info

Who, What, Where and When of Water Storage

  • The minimum should be 1 gal per day or 14 gallons per person or for a family of 4 you should have at least 56 gallons on hand. Store more if you have babies or small children, elderly or people with medical needs.  Also count pets who will also need water.  Once the goal is reached it would be wise to find the space and budget to allow for more water storage.


  • You should not have all your water located in one spot in your home and should not be located all in one container.  Water does best when stored in a cool, dark location between 59-86 degrees. You need some water in containers which you can carry out of your house, i.e. in 72 hour kits.


  • Store your family’s water in different types of containers. You can store them in a 50 gallon blue drum or larger, smaller 5 gallon containers, 2 liter cleaned out soda bottles and even smaller bottles that come in a case of 24.


  • It is suggested that all families have some 5 gal. containers of water.  In case of long term water emergencies, they can be used to transport water from water trucks or other sources to your home.