Economic Development
Syracuse Antelope Drive Community Development Project Area Plan (Click for plan info)

Notice of Hearing Proposed

On March 8, 2016, the Syracuse City Redevelopment Agency (the “Agency”), by resolution, authorized the preparation of a Draft Project Area Plan (the “Draft Plan”) for the Syracuse Antelope Drive Community Development Project Area (the “Project”), including a Draft Project Area Budget. The Draft Plan is available for inspection during business hours at Syracuse City Hall, 1979 W 1900 S, Syracuse, Utah. The telephone number where any person may request that a copy of the legal description be sent at no cost to you by mail or facsimile transmission is 801-614-9626. Copies of the Draft Plan, including a map of the boundaries of the proposed project area, are available for download or viewing at The Draft Plan provides an evaluation of appropriate land uses and community development forecasts for the land in the Project Area. The Draft Plan also sets forth the aims and objectives of anticipated new development, including its scope, mechanism, and value to the residents of the City and other taxing districts. The Draft Plan includes a draft budget, which is a multi-year projection of annual or cumulative revenues, expenses and other fiscal matters pertaining to the Project Area. The creation of a project area does not increase any property owner’s property taxes or property tax rate. The tax increment results from new value created in the project area, not from increased tax burdens on those who are already in the project area. Your property taxes will not change because of the creation of a CDA. The Draft Plan for the Proposed Project Area have been prepared and the Agency gives notice that a public hearing on the Draft Plan will be held on August 9, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as feasible, at Syracuse City Hall, 1979 W 1900 S, Syracuse, Utah in the City Council Chambers. At the public hearing, the Agency will hear public comment on and objections to the Draft Plan, including recommendations for revision, approval, or rejection. The Agency will also receive all written objections to the Draft Plan. All interested persons are invited to submit to the Agency comments on the Draft Plan before the date of the hearing. Any person objecting to the Draft Plan, or contesting the regularity of any of the proceedings to adopt the Draft Plan may appear before the Agency Board at the hearing to show cause why the Draft Plan should not be adopted. The Agency has requested that a portion of increment revenue, which will be generated by the development within the CDA project area, to fund a portion of the project costs associated with the Project Area. All of the increments paid to the Agency for the community development in the Project Area are taxes that will be generated only if the project area is developed. Any interested person wishing to meet and discuss the Draft Plan, before the hearing, may contact Brigham Mellor at the City Offices at 801-614-9631 or to set up an appointment. If you would like to set up an appointment before the hearing, please call by or before August 3, 2016. All concerned citizens are invited to attend the hearing on the Draft Plan scheduled for August 9, 2016, at City Hall at 6:00 p.m. and/or submit comments to the Agency before August 9, 2016, the date of the hearing. The facility is wheel chair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available.  Requests for accommodations or interpretive services must be made three (3) working days prior to this meeting.  Please contact Cassie Brown, City Recorder, for information or assistance 801-614-9633.